Schwarze Industries

With more parking lot and street sweeper models to choose from than any other manufacturer, Schwarze® Industries is dedicated to using a Total PerformanceTeamwork concept to produce, maintain and market the finest, most durable, quality power sweeping equipment in the world. You will also see this high quality and durability continue in their safe, cost effective road patching and asphalt repair units, which they proudly call the RoadPatcher line.

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6.0 Yard Twin Engine High Dump

The Schwarze A8 Twister offers a generous 6-cubic yard, fully stainless-steel hopper, and full range dump heights from 2’ to 12’. The new dump system utilizes the proven Schwarze scissors lift that has been used for many years on the M6 Avalanche. The A8 Twister has the capability of low dumping without any stabilizer deployment. This means that the new A8 Twister, with its 6-yard capacity, can carry and offload just as fast as some popular low dump regenerative air models. The new A8 Twister is like having two machines in one.