We are a family business with focus on product innovation and quality production. With an entrepreneurial spirit as well as deep rooted mechanical knowledge, our father started working on cars back in the late 50s in Northern Italy. He then moved to Canada in the mid 60s and remained a top automotive technician for the rest of his career.

Today three brothers and a fantastic staff are working diligently to revive and strengthen the GO-4 brand which has been around since 1990, building specialized vehicles for niche markets. Most notably known as a parking enforcement vehicle for cities across the U.S., as well as a patrolling presence for NYC police department.

Since we purchased the company in 2012, we have made many improvements to the existing GO-4 as well as launched a new GO-4 EV fully electric model. We are eager and passionate to continue building this long lasting brand. Parts supply for the GO-4 is fully available for most models and soon to be online.

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MAX-EV 4-Wheel LSV

A street legal 4-wheel LSV for All-industries. This Commercial Utility Vehicle seeks to transition fleets away from emission polluting vehicles to a dependable, long lasting, Lithium-Ion vehicle.  The MAX-EV offers a twin passenger set up with optional right-hand drive for curb access and a standard 1000lb payload with optional upgrade. Low maintenance with remote login support. Accessories available include four battery packs options depending on range needed, optional steel doors, heat, AC, Bluetooth radio, nerf bars, back up sensors, RH drive, LPR integration, tow hitch, van body, van body with refrigeration, toolbox, ladder rack, clamping deck walls, and more.