Tiger Mowers

Tiger offers the most complete line of Boom Mowers, Rotary Mowers and Flail Mowers for today’s tough vegetation and brush control. Select from twenty-five (25) different models of boom mowers with a variety of boom reaches and cutting widths. Boom mowers designed to fit tractors from 45 – 135 HP, wheel loaders with a GVW of 25,000 lbs and trucks like the Ford F550 FWD & M2 Freightliner. Since 1968, Tiger Corporation has become one of the largest manufacturers of industrial mowing equipment designed for roadside vegetation throughout North America. Tiger provides long lasting, durable rotary and flail type boom mowers, side mowers and rear mowing equipment. If you are looking to get the most out of your investment, look to the engineered design and strength of a TIGER MOWER. Visit our website for a full list of product offerings from your local dealer.

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tm bengal

Bengal 18 - 22 - 24

The Original Bengal Boom is the boom that started all the excitement in the mowing industry several years ago and is still the same boom every other mowing company is trying to duplicate. The Bengal is the most versatile boom in the industry today and built tough to handle what the consumer wants to throw at it. With interchangeable heads in both Rotary and Flail styles and boom lengths of 18′, 22′ and 24′, this is the boom to handle all your mowing and vegetation management needs.


Saber Boom Mower

With a reach of up to 30 feet, the Saber was designed for mowing canals and waterways or any other long reach mowing need. The solid secondary boom arm provides the strength, performance and stability needed to carry a 60″ rotary cutter head that can cut material up to 5″ in diameter.

tm wildkat


The WILDKAT (Side Shift w/ ARCH) mower operates like a side mower with a swing system like a boom mower. The WildKat mower gives the operator the ability to shift the cutter head horizontally up to 29½ inches with the hydraulic control system. The WildKat’s ARCH BOOM design with the combined side shift features gives the mower a maximum reach out of 16 feet and a reach up of 12.8 feet. Now you can reach up and mow like a boom mower with the maneuverability to mow around obstacles like Signage, Delineator Poles and Guard Rail systems. Designed with cable controls or an electronic joystick control system, the operator can achieve maximum performance in all types of vegetation.

extreme duty side flail

Extreme Duty Side Flail Mower

Tiger named this the Extreme Duty Flail because it is built tough and designed to last. Whether you are mowing thick grass, brush or weeds, Tiger has the Flail mower that can handle it. Make your hard mowing jobs easier with an Extreme Duty Flail.

triple threat

Triple Threat

The versatility of this innovative machine allows you to tackle your toughest mowing projects quickly with an 18’ 8” mowing path and then simply disconnect the mower and use your tractor to take care of other demanding jobs without keeping the mower attached. The Extreme Flail are the strongest flail we build and are designed to take on your heaviest mowing and keep on going. Developed to handle today’s mowing challenges with quick disconnects for easy detachment and built with your transportation needs in mind. When heads are up and in the locked position, mower in legal width and ready to travel from job site to job site quickly and safely.

super duty rear flail

Super Duty Rear Flail Mower

Tiger’s Super Duty Rear Flails are designed to connect to the rear 3 pt of your tractor and are powered by the PTO. These mowers can be used as a stand-alone mower or in a combination as a Twin Flail or a Triple Flail Mower. Tiger also builds two versions of the Super Duty Flail Mower that side shifts to the right of the tractor to give you more reach for your mowing needs. First is the PTO driven rear side shifting version that hydraulically shirts to the right of the tractor 23″. Second is the Hydraulically driven rear side shifting version that hydraulically shirts to the right of the tractor 30″.

tm series side rotary

Side Rotary TM Series

Our TM Rotary series are the Mowers that started this industry back in 1968. Since then we have had many improvements to the design, but this is the one that everyone is still trying to duplicate today. Built tough, durable and ready to handle all your mowing needs, this is the rotary mower that has stood the test of time and is still going strong today.

twin rotary

Twin Rotary TSR Series

Looking for a tough and durable Twin Rotary Mower. Here is the TSR series from Tiger. Designed to handle your heavy mowing and built with a domed top which helps to shed debris while cutting your grass and brush areas.


Trailkat TFRHD-120 & TFRHD-180

The Tiger TFR Heavy Duty series of Flexwing Rotary mowers are the latest in computer enhanced engineering designed with Tiger’s proven performance. The single domed deck eliminates weight while providing a deeper side skirt to allow for a better cut and more material flow through. Let the efficiency and design help you cut more miles in a single pass with the Tiger TFR Heavy Duty Flexwing mowers.