Schwarze Industries

With more parking lot and street sweeper models to choose from than any other manufacturer, Schwarze® Industries is dedicated to using a Total Performance Teamwork concept to produce, maintain and market the finest, most durable, quality power sweeping equipment in the world. You will also see this high quality and durability continue in their safe, cost effective road patching and asphalt repair units, which they proudly call the RoadPatcher line.

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Pure and Simple

When Schwarze decided to enter the highly competitive pure vacuum sweeper market, they did not want to be yet another manufacturer to provide yet another traditional pure vacuum sweeper. So Schwarze set out to change the pure vacuum sweeping technology to keep the desirable vacuum sweeper features such as the ability to remove fines from gutters and pervious pavement while overcoming some of the typical pure vacuum sweeper drawbacks such as noise, dust emissions and poor transfer broom performance. To eliminate these drawbacks Schwarze addressed some key functions in several areas with exciting new technologies. Noise is reduced by traditional absorption methods and a unique tortuous path sound attenuator. The Schwarze HyperVAC utilizes multiple fugitive dust control strategies, including water, debris deceleration through deflection, cyclonic separation, and finally the tortuous path fan noise attenuator is also a dust separator that empties when the hopper is dumped. The most radical departure from the traditional vacuum sweeper is the PatentPending Schwarze Vertical digger broom transfer array