The Labrie Environmental Group is a top tier manufacturer of equipment for the solid waste industry in North America whose brands include Labrie™, Leach™ and Wittke™.

Labrie Environmental Group distributes and supports its products via a strong distributor network that spans the United States and Canada, and owns and operates the U.S-based, Labrieplus customer support center and parts center in Oshkosh, WI. The Group differentiates itself from other companies by being the only manufacturer to develop standard-setting technology through design, and by investing heavily in research and development to offer greener, more efficient, smarter, and safer equipment.

Labrie Environmental Group’s clientele ranges from small to large, private entrepreneurs in the waste hauling sector to national waste management service providers, and counts hundreds of small towns and counties, as well as, major municipalities and cities in its customer base.

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The Automizer™ Right-Hand side loader features a strong, light-weight body with are liable loading arm that can reach farther than any other automated side loader. Having a smooth operating arm is significantly important when maneuvering in tight spaces; our arm is the smoothest operating arm in the industry today due to its low “mass-in-motion” and “under hopper” inline design. This arm is easy to operate with an electric over hydraulic joystick control; and the Zero-Grab low swing out makes collection in narrow spaces a breeze!

Automizer Helping-Hand

The Automizer Helping-Hand, is the ultimate combination of our High Efficiency straight frame ASL body, with the smooth and simple, Helping-Hand automated arm. A low load sill, with access door on the curbside, allows hand loading access, for unmatched versatility and seamless performance.

Automizer Transformer

If you have the occasional need for manual collection, or are planning to transition to fully automated collection, but need an immediate solution, the Automizer Transformer has got you covered. With it’s big 0.5 yd³ loading bucket, you can collect loose bags, bulky or overlooked items, without having to buy a separate truck. And when you’re ready for fully automated collection, you can easily change the bucket to the helping hand grabber, supplied with the truck.


The Alleygator Zero represents the culmination of decades of innovation in waste collection technology. The patented zero radius arm and pendulum packer coupled with advanced hydraulic controls contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for any product in its class.


The Expert can be used efficiently for manual, semi-automated or fully-automated collection. The hopper can be accessed from both curbside and street side, making collection in alleys and one-way streets quick and productive. With the various configurations and numerous options available, it will be difficult to find an application or solution that we have not already considered!


Throughout our history we have proven our reputation as both an innovator and an industry leader in bringing optimal collection solutions to our customers while delivering the maximum value for every dollar spent. With this in mind, we started considering solutions for short routes, missed pick-ups, parks and recreation, airports, university campuses and all the other places where a nimble and maneuverable smaller truck just makes more sense. The Minimax™ is the Answer. Completely redesigned and built tougher, this truck is the ideal solution for optimizing your route efficiency and reducing costs.


The Sprinter is the ideal choice for those who need reliability and quick route times built into one solid package. The advanced design delivers a lower total vehicle weight and allows for a higher packing capacity than our competitors. This delivers greater flexibility and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers, compared to other commercial side loader products available.

Top Select

The Top Select™ is a recycling unit built for manual and semi-automated collection of residential recyclable material. It is the most sold unit in-its-class in North America with over 3,000 vehicles in operation today. 


Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd3 hopper, 5.5”packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach™ 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today.


Meet the truck that more operators demand over any other rear loader in the industry. With its standard 3.5 yd3 hopper, 5.5”packer/carrier operating cylinders, and class-leading 22-second packing cycle, it’s no wonder the Leach™ 2R Series is labeled as the most efficient rear-load collection tool on the road today.


The Leach™ Alpha-III allows you to collect more refuse per cubic yard than any other truck. Its diamond-shape ejection panel combined with its curved body technology guarantee loads are evenly distributed and that available volume is fully maximized. By avoiding refuse pre-compaction in the hopper, we ensure your truck will not require expensive floor repairs. Proven time and time again, anything you throw in this truck, from everyday refuse to big bulky items, the Alpha-III will crush it and put it in its place. Suitable for residential and commercial collection, the Leach Alpha-III offers power and versatility at the same time.

Mini Rear Loader

The Leach Mini Rear Loader is a small and maneuverable garbage truck that will go where full-size garbage trucks won’t go. All available configurations from 8 to 17 yd³, are FET exempt. The large hopper makes it a highly productive unit. It’s wide enough to handle commercial containers. The 8 yd³ and 10.5 yd³ configurations can be mounted on most non-CDL type of chassis.

Split Rear Loader

The Leach Split Rear loader, is the perfect tool for dual-collection. Whether utilized for refuse, recyclables or organics, its fast and powerful hydraulics (up to 1000 lbs/yd³) will get the job done, without any reduction in productivity. The Leach Split Rear loader has been designed with operator and mechanics complete satisfaction in mind. It boasts; heavy duty controls, a unique tailgate auto-latch system and a specially designed leachate tank for organics. Available in 60/40- 40/60 and 50/50 splits, in 25 yd³ and 32 yd³ body sizes.

Starlight, Superduty

The Wittke™ Starlight is known for its agility. Its low body weight maximizes the legal payload capacity and its fast-lifting cycle ensures rapid loading on the route. The Starlight tackles both residential and commercial routes with ease and with its low body weight, you will be able to collect more material, providing the highest legal payload ever on each collection.

The Wittke™ Superduty is as rugged as they get. The Wittke Superduty is the toughest of all front loaders; engineered to require nominal maintenance and providing the lowest total cost of ownership.



The Wittke Featherweight is our optimized weight front loader designed to maximize the legal payload of your residential & recycling routes. The Featherweight is low weight, but it’s built strong. Its body has been engineered to withstand the same daily abuses as our heavy-duty front loaders. And it’s boasting the same hydraulics and the same 10,000 lbs load rated arms as our Starlight and Superduty.